What is a Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is an individual or company with the funds to purchase your property outright, or without a mortgage. A cash buyer cannot actually give you a suitcase

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What Should You Do With a Hoarder’s Home?

Hoarding is a serious psychological condition that can make homes dangerous and unhygienic to live in. These homes can also pose a broader risk to the community. The cluttered conditions

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Homes on the coast affected by hurricane damage.
8 Tips to Sell Your Distressed Property in Florida

Many people love the challenge of a fixer-upper, but this kind of undertaking isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’ve recently come into an inheritance that also includes a house that you

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Distressed house in Florida purchased by Simple Sale Central Florida.
Should You Sell Your Distressed Home As-Is or Fix It Up?

Selling a home without making repairs is far more convenient, but you’re unlikely to earn as much as you would if you spent time fixing it up. If you’re struggling

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A man in a black shirt writes down notes in his notebook.
5 Mistakes Every Distressed Home Seller Should Avoid

If it’s your first time selling a distressed property, you’re likely to make a mistake or two during the process. Selling a distressed house is far different from conducting a

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A distressed home that's been repaired in preparation for going on the market.
Top 5 Strategies to Help Sell Your Distressed Home

Generally, a distressed property will stay on the market longer than a traditional real estate listing. Maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars on advertising, made several price reductions, but you

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A distressed home with fire damage.
What Makes a Home a Distressed Home?

When most people think of a distressed home, they tend to think of a run-down home with a poorly kept lawn and broken windows. In reality, there are several additional

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How to Sell a Distressed Home Fast

Renovating a distressed property can be intimidating, especially when you need to sell it fast. There are two main ways that are the most likely to give you the best

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3 Things to Know Before Selling a Distressed Home

Selling a distressed property comes with several unique challenges that traditional home sales don’t typically face. Major repairs, code violations, missed mortgage payments, and more put homeowners at risk of

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