It’s Okay to Compromise on Your Pricing Strategy

If you priced your distressed home above market value, you’re unlikely to have many showings. Homebuyers today are usually much more aware of market conditions, especially in the distressed housing

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What Does a Contract on Your Home Look Like?

Part of the process of selling your home is getting it under contract. Being another part in the legal process, signing a contract can be intimidating to the average homeowner.

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What Are Your Options When You Own Part of an Inherited Home or Divorced Home?

Inheriting a property can be a very confusing thing for anyone other than a probate attorney. If you own less than 100% of a property you do not have a

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A home Simple Sale Central Florida recently purchased.
How Fast Can You Sell Your Home?

Sellers enter the market for a wide variety of reasons. For some people, they have found their dream home and come to us saying “I need to sell my house

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Distressed Homes in Central Florida
The Industry of Distressed Real Estate in Central Florida

Several years ago, Florida’s flourishing real estate market was struck with the unfortunate blend of risky mortgage loans and overenthusiastic speculations by real estate analysts and developers. This turned the

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A home seller writes on a contract with a pen at their table.
How to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Selling a house without a real estate agent can be an overwhelming journey filled with hurdles. If you’re adamant about saving on agent commission and closing costs, it’s important to

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What to Expect When an Appraiser Comes to Your House

You’ve received an offer on your home and you’re anticipating the closing process. But, before that, all sellers must experience the necessary and nerve-wracking ordeal of a house appraisal.  Industry

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Simple Sale Founder Evan Shelley stands in front of a property he recently purchased in Central Florida.
The 2019 Orlando House Flipping Situation

What you need to know about Orlando investment properties: The house-flipping industry in Orlando, FL is currently booming, but becoming increasingly competitive according to the Orlando Sentinel. The Orlando Sentinel

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Everything You Need to Know When You Inherit a Property

Did you just inherit a house or commercial property? Inheriting property without having to make any mortgage payments or grueling property tax payments is nothing short of winning the lottery.

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