How To Sell A Distressed Home As-Is Fast

To sell your home as-is fast in Florida, your best option is a cash home buyer. Whatever the circumstances or condition of your property, selling to a cash home buyer is a good option. Here’s why selling your distressed home to a cash buyer is quick and easy.

What’s a Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is an individual or company that has the funds to purchase your property outright. This allows them to purchase without the need for a mortgage or a loan.

Why is a Cash Home Buyer the Best Option for Selling Property As-Is? 

Cash home buyers will buy property in any condition. Whether relocating for work or inherited a home, a cash buyer can purchase your property within 30 days or less.

Selling a distressed property to a cash home buyer in Florida is the faster alternative when selling your home. Listing on the property market is costly, time-consuming and there’s no guarantee that you will sell your property as-is. Selling the house yourself is even more time-consuming, and you get no expert advice.

Homebuyers become hesitant when it comes to purchasing a property that’s listed ‘as-is’ because many are afraid you’re hiding something. Even if someone agrees to buy, there is the risk that the deal could fall through.

Selling your property as-is to a cash home buyer offers security as they’re not dependent on a mortgage or loan. This speeds up the buying process because there’s less paperwork, no waiting on lenders, and no property chain involved.

If you inherit a property and you’re unable to shift it on the open market as-is, consider selling it. You can sell to a cash home buyer and have the funds in your account faster.

Ultimately, cash home buyers give you a selling option that helps you avoid the hassle of trying to sell a property yourself or through a real estate agent.

Why a Cash Home Buyer will Purchase Your Home As-Is

Cash home buyers have an incentive to purchase your property as-is because they can pay a lower price for it. They are then able to refurbish the property and potentially sell it for a profit.

If your property is in a highly desirable location, there’s even more incentive for a cash home buyer to secure a sale on your property quickly. Homes in prime locations are in demand across Florida and cash home buyers are always looking for the next opportunity to secure a sale.

Most cash home buyers tend to be companies acting on behalf of investors, or wealthy individuals looking to add to their property portfolios. They will often buy property as is because it offers a quick turnaround.

Get an Estimated Value of Your Distressed Home 

Even though you need a fast sale on your home, it doesn’t mean that you should take the first offer that comes your way from a cash home buyer. If your property does need repairs, you should it valued first so you have a ballpark figure to gauge offers on.

Let’s say you need to sell a distressed property in Tampa Bay. Your property is right on the coast and despite its poor condition, its location means that it potentially has a higher value than a property that’s inland.

Under these circumstances, before you sell your home as-is to a cash home buyer, get it valued. Knowing what your house is worth as-is puts you in a better position to sell. A genuine cash home buyer like Meli can make you an offer that is within the region of the valuation.

This makes the selling process faster as you won’t have to haggle to get the price you want. You can quickly strike a deal and get the property off your hands for a fair price.

Be Honest

To sell your house as-is fast, it’s best to be honest about its condition, even when you’re selling to a cash home buyer. Not sharing issues within the home and leaving them to be discovered before a sale is done may cause the buyer to lower or back out of their offer. If an issue comes up post-sale, you may face a lawsuit.

Delays and extra costs wouldn’t show up if you disclose everything about the condition of your property at the beginning. You might receive a lower offer, but if you are serious about selling fast, then a lower offer is better than no offer.

Choosing a Cash Home Buyer To Sell Fast

You want the highest offer possible when selling your home as-is. Genuine cash home buyers will offer you a fair price that reflects the condition of your property and its location. Your decision to sell to a cash home buyer in Florida should be based on their customer service record.

Meli is a reputable cash home buyer with excellent reviews, an extensive portfolio, and a solid understanding of the market. This is what you need to look for if you want to sell your distressed home as-is, fast.

When you work with a cash home buyer that understands the process and your circumstances, your deal will be agreed upon quicker. An experienced cash home buying company knows how to overcome any problems that may occur and won’t back out of a deal once they’ve committed to buying.

Partner with Meli Homes

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